The SPEA11 conference will be postponed to June 2022

Conference venue

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The locations of the conference are shown in the following map.

The meeting will take place in the Main Hall of University of Turin (UniTO) at Cavallerizza Reale (1), entrance from Via Giuseppe Verdi 9. The building is one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy that have been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. See the location of the Main Hall on Google Maps or on Apple Maps. Parallel session will take place in the Main Hall of the Rectorate Building (2). 


The opening ceremony and welcome buffet will take place at Regio Opera House (3), Piazza Castello 215. The theatre was originally built at the beginning of the 18th century on a project by Felice Juvarra, but successively destroyed by a fire in 1936. The actual structure was completed in 1973 and the roofing of the theatre, in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid shell, was created by the engineer Felice Bertone.


Coffee breaks and poster sessions will take place in the courtyard and in the loggia of the Rectorate Building (2), entrance from Via Po 17 or Via Giuseppe Verdi 8. The building was designed in 1712 by Michelangelo Garove, it is the seat of the university rector and houses the administrative headquarter and the Historical Archive of the university. On the first floor, the loggia houses a collection of sculptures of leading scholars (Galleria dei Dotti) and allows the access to the Main Hall.

An informal dinner will take place in Piazza Vittorio Veneto (4). With over 38,000 square meters of surface, Piazza Vittorio (as it is called by the Turin people) is one of the largest squares in Europe. On the square and under its arcades there are numerous cafes and restaurants where, especially in summer, you can exercise the ritual of the aperitif (or better, apericena).

The conference locations are very closed to the center city (Piazza Castello) and other tourist attractions in Turin like the Mole Antonelliana (5) and the Egyptian museum (6). Information on the more interesting tourist places in Turin are available on the page